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"This course opened my eyes to how powerful the Internet is and can be when its use is optimized. I appreciate the opportunity to take advantage of this cutting edge advertising technology. Thank you!"    Carla Crawford - Miramichi, NB   [more]
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Inspiration Agents

The Google AdWords training I attended with Frederic Blanchet and Flavio Quaranta of IC-Academy was incredible! Anyone who wants to make more money should attend.

Glen Gould - Atltanta, GA

EnAid Energy LLC.

Thanks to IC-Academy, our products will be viewed by potential customers that traditional marketing ways would have taken us years to find!

Diane Gray - Atltanta, GA

" I Get It!" Math

The IC-Academy Adwords Course was a complete eye opener. For the first time I felt like I finally understood how to get our company on the first page. This course is easy to understand and immediately this course allows a positive effect on sales. It teaches you a wide range of tools useful to any company large or small, whatever the business. I learned more online sales technics in this two days course then I did in an entire marketing class. Any business willing to put the effort forth to use the knowledge that IC-Academy is teaching will undoubtedly meet and exceeds any goals they set forth. This course is time and money extremely well spent!

Amanda Wedge - Fredericton, NB

The Learning Bar Inc.

We are aiming to use Google AdWords and the power of internet advertising to promote our business on a reactionary basis in line with the fluctuating topical trends and demands of the market. This course has helped us to understand the most effective ways to quickly capture the attention of visitors, drive them through the right channels and convert them into paying customers.

Helen Hayward - Fredericton, NB

Coffee Beanery

I've been using ad words for little over four months now. I originally set it up and left it alone thinking everything was done in regards to the ads. After taking this class I now understand that to be effective you must consistently review and modify your ads. Constantly improving upon what you have to achieve the desired position at the most effective cost. The strategies, tools and information shared with me at the IC- Academy workshop will help me take our web sales to well over a million dollars a year. I urge anyone doing any business on the web to sign up for this class and stay ahead of their competition. Two weeks after completing the class we achieved our highest day of sales and look forward to that occurring again and again…..Thank you Flavio for teaching us how to kick butt on the Web.

Kevin Shaw, Vice-President - Flint, MI

RX Security

Rx Security was very impressed with the IC-Academy course. We learned a lot about the details of Google campaigns and how we can influence them to our advantage. Time well spent!

Margot Hayes - Halifax, NS

Maisons Supremes

I will now look at our web site in a different perspective and design it accordingly. We will now be able to analyze as to the who, how, where, when & cost, which we have never done. We will be able to analyze our competitors web sites, checking their positioning and their keywords etc.

Gabriel Robichaud - Tracadie-Sheila, NB


We have proven results that Ad Words is well worth the money. It was exciting to see that we could have more control over how we spend the money and bring in even better results. Our click through rate is already increasing and we just completed the course 10 minutes ago! Can't wait to continue to see results!

Shannon DeHaven - Flint, MI

Marshall Distributing Inc.

I believe we will open new markets with a higher success rate because of the knowledge gained in this class.

Joe Mooney - Flint, MI

Katamy Corporation

I am already (after 1 day) seeing results in how our ad campaigns affect our website and have a much better understanding of how it all works. Although we had campaigns already established, I can see great hope for improvements on what we are currently doing and have confidence that we will be able to significantly grow the traffic to our website. Thanks for a great workshop!

Patsy Marvin - Flint, MI

DOT Scientific

This will help us greatly in positioning our company on the website and driving sales!

Toni Kelley - Flint, MI

Future Alternative Wood Products

I believe this session has given me further insight into the possibilities of e-business!

Bob Lennon - Campbellton, NB

Engineered Products EPCO

I'm confident that what I learned will jump start our web sales!

Jason Gibbs - Flint, MI

Trialon Corporation

IC-Academy will help us expand our sales globally!

Ron Dashkevicz - Flint, MI

Evolution Graphics

This course will help my business from a market research perspective in that I will be better informed as to where, how and why my potential customers are looking for my services. And most importantly what ad words to use in advertising or promoting my business.

Bernice Melanson - Moncton, NB

Org. Internationale de la Franco

This course is also useful for specific occasions such as promoting a contest or an event. Other tools like Google analytics will be of great use to us.

Catherine Boucher - Moncton, NB

RX Security

I think this course has helped us better understand the use of Google Adwords. This will help us optimize the use of the money we spend on Google Adwords.

Bharat Datta - Halifax, NS

Nicom IT Solutions Inc.

IC Academy taught us the methods needed to keep experimenting with our online advertising until we get it right.

Greg Ord - Halifax, NS

Stark Oil Purification Systems

I am better equipped to write content for my website and I feel I am more empowered to improve my company profile in an organic search as well as paid campaign. Flavio and Fred were accommodating and went well beyond what I would have expected. They personalized course content and made themselves available beyond the slotted time of the course.

Karen Gillis - Halifax, NS

Nicom IT Solutions Inc.

It will help my business much. These are also skills that I can carry forward as I learn more on my own. Instructors are "fabulous"! Great sense of humour!

Mary Protos - Halifax, NS

WTC Atl. Canada

This course was very helpful in teaching us how to create a successful Internet marketing campaign and target specific client groups locally and worldwide.

Yuliya Vodyanytska - Halifax, NS

Altron Color Imaging

It has fast tracked me to efficient use of Google AdWords!

Kevin Frenette - Moncton, NB

Air Tech Equipment Ltd.

The launch of our ad campaigns started immediately and delivered what the course promised. Great content, I would recommend it to anyone. You don't have to be an advanced computer user to benefit from the power of Google search engines.

Mathieu Leger - Moncton, NB

Wanderlust Outfitters

IC-Academy really made me focus on my website, being competitive and advertising smarter!

Sara Phelan - Moncton, NB

Vision Coaching Inc.

This was a new tool for me but I learned a lot and can definitely see the benefits of on-line ads. Thank you for the course and for the post-course tools and consultation!

Connie Sprague - Saint John, NB


IC-Academy was an eye opener and I do believe it is the future. If we don't grasp these concepts it could be detrimental to our businesses.

Guy Richards - Saint John, NB

Vision Coaching Inc.

The IC-Academy course has been eye-opening. By going through the process of choosing keywords and writing Google ads, it has forced us to focus on the off and on-line marketing goals of our company and how to maximize the full potential of our website. I'm very anxious to see the results of this course!

Kim Houlahan - Saint John, NB

Alantra Leasing Inc.

This course will help us tremendously to use tools that show us how our marketing strategies and website is doing. Love the Analytics Tool and keyword spy tools.

Melissa Brown - Saint John, NB

Alantra Leasing Inc.

I learned a lot about more than just Google AdWords. I have a better understanding on the importance of having a web page that 'grabs' the client.

Wanda Moore - Saint John, NB

Miramichi Timber Frames

This course opened my eyes to how powerful the Internet is and can be when its use is optimized. I appreciate the opportunity to take advantage of this cutting edge advertising technology. Thank you!

Carla Crawford - Miramichi, NB

Theriault & Hachey Peat Moss Ltd

In normal times (pre-AdWords) we typically get one inquiry per month or two from international origins. Within 20 minutes of activating my AdWords campaign at IC-Academy, I got my first lead from Mexico!

Jody Williston - Miramichi, NB

Lamtrac International Inc.

IC-Academy was extremely helpful and a must for any organization that is present in the WWW. The material was humbling in the sense that it made me realize how I was not utilizing the web to it`s full potential for my company and how this can give me an important advantage over the competition.

Johnny Jones - Miramichi, NB

L'Erabliere de la Montagne Verte

As we build our Web site, this cours will be of great use in order to work on our weaknesses and subsequently to take out the best from this course.

Chantal Levesque - Edmunston, NB

Creation Moz-art enr.

Of course it will help me, locally it's almost impossible to keep going this business...but now I see so much opportunity. thank you very much!

Jean Rioux - Edmunston, NB

LG Fly & Rod

Our web site will get much more exposure!

Luc Gagné - Edmunston, NB

Atlantic Star Uniforms

IC-Academy will help us with sales and control advertising budget!

Michel Vallieres - Edmunston, NB

QV 94 Communication Marketing

AdWords is a very strong tool to do market studies and optimize marketing efforts!

Georges Bourdages - Campbellton, NB

Impression Printing & Design

I know that after taking this course our company will increase sales!

Roger Theriault - Bathurst, NB

Atelier Gerard Beaulieu

IC-Academy will help us to attract qualified prospects, increase market share and total sales!

Wayne Power - Campbellton, NB


IC-Academy is a very resourceful tool that will allow our Web presence to grow and provide web user's and customer's access to our services.

Kevin Levy - Bathurst, NB

Compagnie Riviere Nepisiguit

IC-Academy will help us getting future customers around our region.

Louis Olivier Bertin - Bathurst, NB

Grand Falls Milling

I believe this will change the outcome for business through our website. We have already received two request for prices on grain. Once the new website is launched I believe we'll have all the tools to create a great business tool for our customers.

Nathalie Ouellette - Grand-Sault, NB

3 D Innovations

I truly believe that this course will take 3D Innovations Inc. and it's three divisions to the next level, which is internationally recognized, because of the amount of great information that Flavio has given us.

Scott Phillippe - St-Basile, NB


The content and tips learned during this course will really improve the brand visibility and the internet marketing potential of my company.

Rino Basque - Edmundston, NB

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