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"I urge anyone doing any business on the web to sign up for this class and stay ahead of their competition. Two weeks after completing the class we achieved our highest day of sales and look forward to that occurring again and again!"    Kevin Shaw, Vice-President - Flint, MI   [more]
Coffee Beanery

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Success Stories

Balmoral Cedar Ltd.

Balmoral Cedar attended the first ever IC-Academy in the fall of 2007. Within the first year of using Google Adwords sales increased 330% and now they generate close to 300 leads a week with a budget of less than $100.   >>> read more


CheerZone attended IC-Academy in June of 2009. Since then, compared sales from June through October 2008, and June through October 2009 have doubled. Oh yea, we almost forgot to mention the fact that they are seeing a ROI of 700% with Adwords, not bad.  >>> read more

Coffee Beanery

Kevin Shaw, owner of Coffee Beanery attended IC-Academy in April of 2009. Now, four months later, Shaw predicts his business will triple if not quadruple by June of 2011. Results like this are what we strive for. Here is an article published by Inside Business talking about Coffee Beanery‚Äôs success in more detail.  >>> read more

Engineered Products Co.

After running a Google AdWords campaign for close to 3 months with some success, owner Jason Gibbs realized he had discovered the ideal marketing medium for his business. Although the campaign was generating leads, it was not improving so Jason decided to Attend IC-Academy. Since then Jason has learned how to get more-for-less. Now he generates 81% more clicks and spends 38% less, not to mention he is receiving a 500% return on investment.  >>> read more


TransMed had a constant need for new employees. They attended IC-Academy in December of 2008, and soon realized that AdWords could be used to help solve their recruitment problems. TransMed saw almost instant results, and in a few weeks had a list of 30 qualified candidates to choose from. Not only did they gather a great list of potential employees, but they saved a lot of money as well. Compared to running a 60 day recruitment campaign with Workopolis, TransMed was able save just over $1,220 by applying what they learned at IC-Academy, and using AdWords.  >>> read more


Ron Dashkevicz, an applications engineer at Trialon attended IC-Academy in April, 2009. "To succeed in our industry you have to look outside just you local markets" says Ron. After hearing about the two day course offered by IC-Academy, Ron realized that it was the perfect opportunity to learn how to leverage the global presence of the internet. Now, within a month of attending the course, Trialon has seen a 60% increase in traffic on their website, and has generated $10,000 in online sales.  >>> read more

Adventus Inc.

Adventus attended IC-Academy in March, 2009. Lindsay, the marketing manager at Adventus had been using AdWords prior to attending the course. "Although I was familiar with AdWords" she says, "IC-Academy helped me understand nuances and implement tactics that significantly improved our conversion metrics and sales." Today, profits generated from AdWords have increased 189% compared to the same period, the previous year. Adventus has seen a conversion rate of 4.75%, and for every $1 spent on Adwords, just over $3.50 is earned, giving them a ROI of 362%.  >>> read more

From start to finish, IC-Academy has proven to be a winner!
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