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Frequently Asked Questions

Need an answer? Our main focus is to give you the information you need for the success of your business. In order to best serve you, we have provided answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

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  1. Course FAQs
  2. Campaign Launch FAQs
  3. Miscellaneous FAQs

Course FAQs

1. Who can attend IC-Academy?

Any company looking for instant results. You do not have to have an e-commerce website. Any company can leverage IC-Academy and increase their business by getting qualified leads online.

2. Is IC-Academy right for my small or middle sized business?

IC- Academy was designed for small and middle sized businesses. With that said, it is not limited to such. Large companies are also welcome to attend to assess and learn what is done on their behalf with outsourcing.

3. What is the cost for attending IC-Academy?

The cost for attending IC-Academy is $1990 per company for the two day course. Two people per company may attend.

4. Is there any financial assistance available for attending IC-Academy?

Yes there is. Financial assistance varies per region. Please contact us at financialassistance(at), and we will direct you to the proper contact.

5. What payment methods are available?

You can pay online via credit card or by check 10 business days prior to the course start. The course must be paid in full prior to the beginning of the course.

6. What is the cancellation/refund policy?

If you are canceling more than 10 business days prior to the course, you may request a refund of your payment, less a cancellation fee. Please note that if you do not cancel and do not attend, you are still responsible for payment. If you cannot attend, you may wish to send a substitute from your organization/business.

7. How many people per company can attend the course?

Two people per company can attend the two day course for the price of $1990.

8. Is it mandatory to attend both sessions/days of the course?

Yes, it is mandatory. IC-Academy was designed as a two day course and both days are necessary to get the full benefit. If you cannot attend for circumstances out of your control, then we will work with you to reschedule during another course at a later date.

9. What are the start and end times for each course?

Check in time for the courses are 8:00 AM. The program begins at 8:30 AM, and ends at 4:00 PM (both days). We recommend that you check in before 8:15 AM in order to be ready for the 8:30 starting time.

10. Can I record IC-Academy (video/audio) for continued reference?

No. Recording of the course by either audio or video (including digital cameras/cell phones) will not be permitted.

11. Should I bring my notebook/laptop computer with me to the course?

Yes. However, if you do not have a wireless compatible computer, IC-Academy will provide you with one to use during the course.

12. Will there be reference material available?

A work book for the two day course will be provided to each attendee.

13. Where can I see additional information about IC-Academy?

Should you have any questions or need any information not covered on this website, feel free to contact us at support(at)

Campaign Launch FAQs

1. What are AdWords?

Google AdWords is a system developed to advertise on Google, as well as partner sites, on a PPC (Pay Per Click) basis.

2. What is the average cost to launch a personalized campaign using AdWords?

We recommend a starting budget of $10.00 per day.

3. Should I bring a major credit card to the course to purchase AdWords?

Yes. Once you have registered for the course, you will be contacted by an IC-Academy instructor that will give you instructions on how to enter your credit card into the Google AdWords system, once your Google account has been created.

4. How soon can I expect to see results?

Since IC-Academy is based on a practice approach, your campaign will be turned on after the first hour of the first day of the course. By noon, you will already see qualified traffic directed from AdWords to your website. We have seen sales made in between the two sessions many times.

5. Am I able to view IC-Academy/campaign launch success stories?

Yes. Please follow the following link here.

Miscellaneous FAQs

1. Will food/refreshments be provided?

Yes. Breakfast and lunch will be provided during the course for your convenience.

2. Will I have to pay for parking?

You will be responsible for paying for parking in the event it is required.

3. What should I bring with me to the course?

You should bring a wireless compatible laptop. If you do not have a laptop, or is not wireless, we will provide you with a laptop for the course. Note that since everything is done online, no information will be lost when completing the course. Please consider layered clothing as heating and cooling conditions may vary.

4. If I have a specific question not listed, who can I contact?

Please send an email to support(at)

5. What if I require special attention because of a disability?

At IC-Academy, we strive to accommodate your needs. Please contact us at support(at) and we will make the necessary arrangements.

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