About Adventus Inc.
  • Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  • Founded in 1996
  • Provides innovative music learning solutions for educators, students, and families.
  • Was an AdWords user before IC-Academy


After IC-Academy
  • Saw Immediate Results
  • Profits from AdWords increased 189%
  • 362% ROI
  • Has a conversion rate of 4.75%
  • CTR has increased 225%

"I found the workshop extremely thorough. Although I was familiar with AdWords, IC Agency helped me understand nuances and implement tactics that significantly improved our conversion metrics and sales."
-Lindsay Place, Marketing Manager, Adventus Inc

The Company

Adventus Incorporated was founded in 1996 with the hope of bringing a new level of innovation and enjoyment to music education. With e-learning software on the rise, Adventus led the way by developing a sophisticated music learning software that allowed students to receive immediate, quality feedback from an electronic piano attached to a computer. Adventus has now taken it to the next level and has collaborated with trained educators to develop a thoughtful curriculum mixed into it's learning software. Today, Adventus is a leader in interactive music learning and has received recognitions from PC Magazine, the NY times, and Learning Village, to name a few.

What Adventus Needed

Adventus was already an AdWords user before joining IC-Academy. "We decided to sign up for the course to improve our understanding and develop a scalable framework that would require minimal effort to maintain" said Lindsay, the marketing manager at Adventus. Because of the personal nature of IC-Academy, they were able to cater to Adventus's needs and make sure they gained the knowledge needed to reach their goal.

Adventus Learned...

  • How to fine tune and optimize its existing AdWords campaign
  • The importance of keyword testing and segmenting (exact, broad, phase)
  • How to better interpret data and compare campaigns
  • How to benchmark their results
  • How to find other high performing keywords


  • Began seeing results immediately while taking the course
  • Profits generated from AdWords have increased 189% compared to the same period, the previous year
  • 362% ROI. For every 1$ spent, just over $3.50 is earned
  • Adventus now sees a conversion rate of 4.75%
  • CTR (click through rate) has increased 225%