About Trialon
  • Located in Burton, Michigan.
  • Founded in 1982
  • Provides test engineering, and technical staffing services.


After IC-Academy
  • Saw results within the first month.
  • Has seen a 60% increase in traffic on their website.
  • Grossed $10,000 in online leads.
  • Has seen a 310% ROI using Google AdWords.
  • Expanded exposure into untapped foreign markets.

"It was a pleasure taking the class that IC-Academy hosted. I learned a lot and the instructor was very knowledgeable on how to setup each campaign. I hope there might be plans for an advanced class in the future."
-Ron Dashkevicz, Applications Engineer, Trialon

The Company

Founded in 1982, Trialon has been a leader in providing test engineering and technical staffing services to clients in the automotive, aerospace, military, consumer product, pharmaceutical, medical device, and telecommunications industries. With six engineering laboratories across Michigan and Indiana, Trialon is a global company serving clients in the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia. Trialon prides itself on producing the best engineering and staffing solutions, delivered on time and within budget.

Before IC-Academy

"To succeed in our industry you have to look outside just your local markets" says Ron Dashkevicz, an IC-Academy attendee, and applications engineer at Trialon. Although Trialon had already launched their first website in 1999 and was gaining exposure and business outside just it's local markets, their website was not leveraging it's full online potential. With this in mind, Trialon discovered IC-Academy to help teach them how to utilize their global presence online in a more powerful way.

Trialon Learned...

  • How to properly set up a Google AdWords campaign
  • How to set up keywords for maximum click-through rates
  • How to find other high performing potential keywords
  • To monitor leads by using conversion tracking
  • How to gain revenue using the internet


  • Saw results within a month of taking the IC-Academy Course.
  • Trialon has seen a 60% increase in traffic to their website.
  • Since taking IC-Academy, Trialon has Grossed $10,000 in online leads.
  • Over the past 7 months Trialon has seen a 310% ROI using Google AdWords.
  • Expanded exposure into untapped foreign markets.