About TransMed
  • Located in Campbellton, New Brunswick.
  • Established in 1996
  • Specialize in medical transcription, and translation services for health care professionals.

Why Recruit with AdWords?
  • Global Reach
  • Capable of targeting only specific desired regions.
  • Cost Effective, users determine daily budget.
  • Flexible, recruitment efforts can be started, and stopped as needed.
  • Using AdWords for a 60 day recruitment effort is $1,228 less than using Workopolis.
  • Ability to pursue only interested and qualified candidates.
  • Pay only when potential employees are interested and click on your ad.

"Using AdWords for recruiting human resources has proven highly effective. This is a little-known, yet totally awesome medium. I'd definitely recommend this training!"
-Nathalie Levesque, General Manger, TransMed

Recruiting with Google AdWords

Adwords is not only a powerful marketing tool, but a practical and cost effective way to recruit new employees. Don't believe us? Ask TransMed Inc., a Canadian based company that offers specialized services in medical transcription as well as translations services for health care professionals. TransMed attended IC-Academy in December of 2008. They soon realized that CPC advertising could not only be used to generate more online exposure, but also help solve their recruitment problems.

What TransMed Needed

Constantly looking for new qualified employees, TransMed needed a flexible and cost-effective strategy for recruiting new employees. In order to reach a large group of applicants they figured posting online would be their best alternative. Unfortunately, TransMed did not realize the cost involved with using online job posting websites such as Career Builder and Monster.

After IC-Academy

"We saw near instant results after launching our recruitment campaign. The phone was ringing off the hook with applicants" says Nathalie. TransMed spent a mere $870 dollars to run their campaign for 5 months and generated just over 5,000 hits on their website from interested applicants. In a few weeks they had gathered a long list of resumes and after screening each they had a list of 30 qualified candidates for future hiring. Now, with this list of qualified candidates, TransMed can easily and quickly fill any position that is needed.