About CheerZone
  • Located in Mayville, Michigan

"After the course – not only did we clean up our previous Adwords campaigns, but we also started 3 others, each very successful. We took home so much information that we haven't even had time to implement all of it 4 months later. It gives us something to work toward for the future."
-Shannon DeHaven

"We used the methods from IC-Academy's Google Workshop. The results were simply amazing! Our web sales have doubled and our costs have decreased! This workshop was undeniably the best investment made this year. Thank you to the IC-Academy support team for helping us surpass our goals."
- Shannon DeHaven, E-business Manager, CheerZone

The Company

Originally a sporting goods store, CheerZone has dropped the pads, pucks, and pitching equipment and moved on to pom-poms. After dabbling with a complete line of sporting goods, it was cheerleading that stuck. In 1995, CheerZone's first catalogue was published and sent to high schools across the United States. It has been in the business ever since, and after 14 years it has established itself as a cheer leader.

CheerZone Learned...

  • How to properly set up a Google AdWords campaign
  • How to set up keywords to maximize potential click-through rates
  • How to segment their market, and run ads accordingly
  • How to find other potential keywords
  • How to fully utilize Google Analytics
  • The value of having more than one ad running and continuously trying to beat each ad's performance
  • The power of potential information through Google Analytics and AdWords.

IC-Academy Support

"On top of everything we learned, the follow up after the course was also incredibly helpful" said Shannon DeHaven, marketing executive for CheerZone.


  • Within one week, CTR (click-through-rate) went from 1.4% to over 2%.
  • Now four months later our CTR is holding firm at 3.71%.
  • 700% ROI. For every $1 spent, a profit of $7 is earned.
  • Average CPC (cost-per-click) decreased from $1.68 per click to only $0.35 per click. That's a 480% decrease.
  • Since implementing changes suggested by IC-Academy, compared sales from June through October 2008, and June through October 2009 have DOUBLED.