About Balmoral Cedar Ltd.
  • Founded in 1997
  • Located in Balmoral, New Brunswick
  • 30 full time employees
  • Produce top-quality cedar slats for export markets in New England, the Midwestern U.S., Quebec and Ontario.

Before IC-Academy
  • Developed first website in 2001
  • Showed little increase in business inquiries
  • Majority of business came from within Canada

After IC-Academy
  • Whitin the first year online sales increased 33 times compared to the previous year
  • Using the new website developed by ICA, sales increased an additional 40% vs. the same 5 month period a year earlier.
  • Tapped into new foreign markets
  • Have maintained a steady click-through-rate of 2.54%.
"Within the first year of taking the IC-Academy Course and using Google AdWords, our online sales increased by 33 times."
- Jacques LeVasseur

The Company

Gaining the name from its location in Balmoral, New Brunswick, Balmoral Cedar Ltd. prides itself on producing top-quality white cedar shingles. The Balmoral brand has marketed itself since 1979, and as of 1999 the company expanded to a new more modern production facility. Knowing that customer satisfaction is what drives its success, the company is committed to maintaining an ongoing employee training program to ensure the consistent quality of white cedar shingles. Certification by the Environmental Management System and membership with the Maritime Lumber Bureau (MLB), an independent quality inspector, are testaments to both quality control and responsible forest stewardship.

Early Challenges

In 2001, Barmoral Cedar Ltd.’s first website was developed. Its motive was to try and address the increasing use of the web while being more noticed by the public eye. Although the website did lead to a modest increase in inquiries, it did not translate into the increase in sales that were anticipated. In the fall of 2007, BCL attended a free informative IC-Academy breakfast in Cambelton, NB. Realizing the marketing potential in the two-day intensive “How to Profit from Google AdWords” course, Balmoral owner and CEO, Jacques LeVasseur immediately signed up. It was the first IC-Academy course ever to be offered, and it was from here on that Barmoral Cedar’s destiny would change.

Immediate Results

On September 6th, the IC-Academy course began. In the first week, Balmoral had generated 193 visitors, a vast improvement from the traffic generated one month earlier. AdWords training from IC-Academy, combined with some fine tuning of its ad campaign, BCL was starting to generate up to 300 qualified clicks a week with a budget of less than $100. Within the first year of taking the course “there was a noticeable increase in inquiries,” says Jacques, but still this increased traffic had not reached its full potential.

Improved Website: Improved ROI

In the spring of 2009, Balmoral was noticing a decline in inquiries and once again contacted IC-Agency for help. The solution was to develop a new website, one that would be more search engine friendly and specifically optimized. A call-to-action was placed on each individual landing page. This helped to draw customers in, rather than discourage them by making them pick up the phone to request a quote. The results were astonishing says Jacques. "We were seeing a 2000% increase in inquiries" and these inquiries were converting to sales.


After the website was developed, IC-Agency’s AdWords team began using Google Analytics and Conversion Tracking to monitor the traffic on Balmoral’s website. Once the conversion tracking was running, it gave Balmoral Cedar the chance to qualify for a CPA (cost per acquisition) payment method. In order to qualify, users must have a total of 15 conversions in 30 days, so for Balmoral that meant 15 request for quotes in the given time frame. Within no time they had qualified, and on August 14th, 2009 Balmoral began paying on a CPA basis. Since then, their CPC (cost per click) has dropped just over 46% and total costs are down 20%. This has led Balmoral to have an increase in the return on investment and in the last 5 months sales have increased an additional 40% compared to the same period a year earlier.