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For continued support from IC-Academy and exclusive to the AdWords Alumni, we offer the following professionally managed service for maintenance of your AdWords Campaigns.


For the CPC Campaign Management:
  • Increase ROI of Google AdWords Ad Spend (reduce acquisition cost)
  • Develop a list of more pertinent and highly relevant Keywords
  • Increase visibility
  • Reduce Average CPC
  • Broaden existing markets and identify additional market potential


Sponsored Links Campaign Management Deliverables
  • Review of current Google Analytics installation and current AdWords campaigns to provide recommendations for optimal monitoring, reporting and optimization
  • Identification of the most popular keywords
  • Strategic selection of keywords for optimal price and effect
  • Weekly monitoring of keywords and results
  • Subsequent bidding adjustments on keyword prices
  • Addition of negative keywords and site exclusions
  • Strategic selection and optimization of landing pages
  • Application of advance Google AdWords features (Dynamic Keyword Indicator)
  • Detailed click reporting and transformation monitoring

Contract Billing and Duration Approach.

IC-Agency has offered to provide their services at a rate of $60.00/hour for an initial commitment period of 6 months. The budget (and billing) will initially be fixed at a minimum of 4 hours per month.

The approach will be to work off of a priority list which will be managed by IC-Agency while the client dictates item priorities and approvals.


  1. Professional management: Take advantage of our expertise in cutting-edge technologies and CPC campaigns to bring valuable prospects on your website.
  2. Transparency: Easily access and follow your campaigns on the Google AdWords interface.
  3. Optimized time management: Focus your mind on the decisions while we take care of all the e-marketing operations.
  4. One unique person of contact to interact with and manage your campaigns.
  5. In-depth reports, including key performance indicators to help you in your decision-making process.


Reporting and Recommendations

  • Provide a good map of Website recommendation and follow-up reporting to quantify actions taken and results achieved against expectations.
  • Analyze CPC campaigns’ results (clicks, impressions, click through rate, …) and budgets for all covered markets over the duration of the contract
  • Get a general view of the CPC campaign’s efficiency and effectiveness on the website’s traffic
  • Monthly Dashboards of campaign Data
  • Updated (Maintenance of the) Priority List
  • Strategic recommendations
Report: Frequency:
Report on campaign performance with strategic recommendations Monthly


Duration of Contract

The signature of the client to this contract ensures the management of the client’s CPC Campaign for a 6 month period starting the day of the contract signing.

This offer can be conditionally renewable at the end of the 6 month period on the basis of the scope and pricing renegotiation.


Option 1
Contract Budget Budget
Web Site Work and CPC Management Services  
4 hours per month @ $120/hour for a 6 month period 2880.00$
Total budget CPC Campaign Management 2880.00$
Optional additional hours will be billed at the standard rate of $120.00/Hour  

Option 2
Contract Budget Budget
Web Site Work and CPC Management Services  
4 hours per month @ $120/hour for a 12 month period 5760.00$
Total budget CPC Campaign Management 5760.00$
Optional additional hours will be billed at the standard rate of $120.00/Hour  
* Amounts are in Canadian Dollars  

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